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In addition to blister tooling, we supply cartoner change parts as well.

We can manufacture parts suitable for all leading cartoning machine for many other brands like IMA, CAM, Uhlmann, Elmach, PAM and etc.

Purchase change parts for your cartoner along with the parts for the blister machine and youknow that one company will be responsible for all the format parts required for the line.

Noneed to go to different OEMs to get parts for each machine separately. Even if you have anunusual cartoner model we can help. If we have not worked on your specific cartoner before,we can come to your site to measure your machine.

Once we understand how it operates and what parts you need, we can give you a proposal for a full set of format parts. This initial review will be used for any future sets of cartoner change parts you order so that orders can be delivered quickly. We do not need the OEM part numbers or manuals.

All parts are designed in house with the latest 3D modelling CAD software and manufactured with state of the art CAM systems and CNC machines. All our business is for pharmaceutical industry companies so you know your parts will be the last in GMP compliance.